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Top of the Ox

By October 14, 2011April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

I’ve always considered this place to be my secret spot on campus. One that I could retreat to and never be found. Not surprisingly it probably doesn’t hold that role any longer. Since the renovation of the Oxley Thompson Library the University has been quite proud of the work done including this penthouse reading room.

As an undergraduate I frequented this very spot specifically for its remoteness. Then, just another floor of crowded cold metal book stacks with the occasional 1950s era secretary’s desk under small light-giving windows, it was possible to feel a million miles from the bustle of The Oval’s crisscrossing veins a dozen or so stories below.

Maybe someone at the University too shared my appreciation for the views and solitude of this top floor as the renovation has expanded the magnificence of that cozy desk and window to encompass the entire floor. The Ohio State University is filled with these secret spots and when discovered they offer opportunities for reflection and inspiration unparalleled anywhere else on campus.

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