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So there you have it.  It is pretty clear what takes the top spot in my book.  Even numbers 2 and 3 were pretty clear.  Big Sky made the top 5 on two lists and Alta’s only showing took first place earning it number 4 over all.  Breckenridge rounds out the top 5 with 2 strong second place showings.  You can argue that the Salt Lake City vicinity is the best all around “destination” for Park City, Alta and Deer Valley.  Maybe most interestingly to me is that Jackson Hole takes a clear number 2 spot even though it didn’t make the top 5 of the terrain category.  That simply proves it has a lot more to offer off the slopes.

  1. Telluride, Colorado
  2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  3. Park City, Utah
  4. Alta, Utah
  5. Breckenridge, Colorado

What a spectacularly cheesy photo! And no, that's not a studio backdrop.

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