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PhotographyTravel Journal

Trinity Church

I read that Trinity Church in Boston is considered to be one of "America's 10 finest buildings." I'm not yet sure what I think about that but I couldn't wait to get a camera in there.  I'd never shot in such a large space before and found there to be…
Brian Hoffsis
June 17, 2009
PhotographyTravel Journal

The Village of Terezin

I took this photo in 2001 though I'm pretty confident the scene has changed little.  I wouldn't be surprised if that Trabant (center) is still parked there and that maybe it had been there for years before I took this photo. This Czech village is very unique and it took me a…
Brian Hoffsis
May 9, 2009
PhotographyTravel Journal

MACHU PICCHU: an alternative angle

I really love this view of Machu Picchu.  So much can be seen.  The close buildings are the edge of the eastern residential sector.  In the far distance are the farming terraces with the farmers' houses.  The little building all the way at the top is the guard house to…
Brian Hoffsis
April 15, 2009
PhotographyTravel Journal


This is one of the more poignant images from my collection of Terezin photos.  The former garrison town and Nazi concentration camp often appears like nothing more than a sleepy Eastern European ghost town.  But the devil is in the details and the slowly fading scars tell of a spine tingling past. …
Brian Hoffsis
March 18, 2009
PhotographyTravel Journal


Ok, so I had to post it no matter how cliché.  In October of 2008 we were in Peru and, of course, Machu Picchu.   The place is ridiculous when it comes to photography - for professionals and amateurs alike.  From all vantages it's a 360 degree postcard quality setting.  The views from these…
Brian Hoffsis
January 21, 2009
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