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Radius Five Blocks

In recent years some attention has been given toward the ways of the Old World. Some have criticized President Obama for trying to bring the flavors and philosophies of Europe to America and others have taken offense to the offense. My neighborhood is about as close as I've seen to…
Brian Hoffsis
January 15, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

In Stone

Is it possible for one person's art to also be someone else's? This question has haunted artists and photographers for eternity. And so distressing for those who wish to indulge in art and attempt to capture and re-share it's profound personal affect on them that committing to the process often…
Brian Hoffsis
November 2, 2011
PhotographyTravel Journal

Bryant Park Skate

It was my last day in New York and my only real free time. I was out the door of the Fitzpatrick by 7AM and didn't need to check out until 11. By 9 my fingers were numb and the backs of my hands were starting to tingle. Luckily inspired…
Brian Hoffsis
December 29, 2010
PhotographyTravel Journal

Manhattan’s Christmas Family Room

For a guy from the humble Midwest, New York City can be a tad overwhelming. Walls of masonry and glass form perpetual blinders in every direction. Without a compass, bearings aren't easy to come by when those walls start to close in. Never fear however! There certainly are locations that will make…
Brian Hoffsis
December 18, 2010
PhotographyTravel Journal

Four Boys of Ollantaytambo

The central square in the ancient Inca village of Ollantaytambo bustles with all walks of life. Bright stocking capped men sit and tend market stands, selling everything from vegetables to crafts. Victorian-era felt hat clad women scurry with garments full of produce slung over one shoulder. They dart and weave…
Brian Hoffsis
April 21, 2010
PhotographyTravel Journal

Myrtle Felt and White Fleece

What fantastic headgear! Its poignant monochromatism caps an expert ensemble of a “colors-not-occurring-in-nature” striped wrap draping over inches of heavy woolen sweaters. A pure white alpaca accessory starkly contrasts this woman’s sun stained skin and jet-black braids. There’s a symphony of texture unmatched by any other people on earth. However,…
Brian Hoffsis
January 19, 2010
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