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Shortcut Home

The through-way North is a slow creep. So sluggish that only after a few dusk trips did I begin scanning my flanks for hidden alternatives. You see, this particular route is already my preferred alternative to freeway travel which had recently become unbearable during those typical congested hours.  However, the tirciary options seemed non-existent.…
Brian Hoffsis
October 30, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

Where Serenity Lives

Sweeping across the fluttering fields of corn silk, a firm yet caressing breeze rolls over the tiny hill. Even the slightest change in elevation in the flat north-central Ohio Valley terrain seems monumental. On a stifling day of mid-90 degree heat that late afternoon breeze cools lightly perspired brows until comfortable, or…
Brian Hoffsis
July 26, 2012

Village Valuables

I suppose spring is the best time for community yard sales as residents clean out cramped carriage houses and dark attics in preparation for the summer. Though the pickings seem slim these days I can only imagine what treasures have been found in years past.
Brian Hoffsis
May 27, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

Summer Streets of New York

"Summer Streets" in New York offers an accommodating and friendly atmosphere for exercise and recreation. It also gives New Yorkers another venue upon which to knee-cap slower moving pedestrians, practice profanities and further employ an already perfected general anti-social persuasion. For me, I get the opportunity to go all those places…
Brian Hoffsis
April 20, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

Market Day

The seasonal delights of market day in Manhattan. Carrots of many variety, rosy radishes, tomatoes so irregular that they'd never see the stand at even the smallest grocer, local lobster shaded and cooled on ice, crisp New England apples, rustic crates of greens and the most seasonal of all sweet…
Brian Hoffsis
February 25, 2012
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