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Glory to the Gladiator

Somehow the swirling buzz of revelers seemed to be absorbed into the grand structure. Though many tens of thousands would make their way inside, miraculously, not single crowd or line formed at any of the dozens of entry points. I was no exception and I passed under the classical rotunda of the stadium's…
Brian Hoffsis
September 7, 2015
PhotographyTravel Journal


The final press of the plunger injected a burst of air that filled the bicycle tire to near capacity. The gauge now read 65 and there was a great hiss when I pulled the nozzle from the tire. I've never been a big bike rider and only do I do it for…
Brian Hoffsis
August 30, 2015
PhotographyTravel Journal


The early morning dew not only accumulated on the grass and leaves but on nylon canopies and polyester folding chairs and any other objects that had been set up the night before or in the pre-dawn hours. A lone SUV breaks the relative silence of the early morning and reflects…
Brian Hoffsis
August 23, 2015
PhotographyTravel Journal

Morning of

It had been many months since the last snows melted into the electric green turf. The bitter cold and subsequent warming had nearly cleansed the extraordinary memories of the previous year. But how could the scores who've traversed the broad pedestrian hardscapes, passing below towering monuments to academics and sport,…
Brian Hoffsis
August 11, 2015

The Christmas Spirit

New York City is one of the great harbingers of the magical Christmas spirit. From the moment the Rockefeller Christmas tree is set ablaze the city swirls with a dreamy energy whisked by brisk winter winds whipping down long deep canyons of steel and stone. It spins bodies on ice…
Brian Hoffsis
December 21, 2012
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