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The Christmas Spirit

New York City is one of the great harbingers of the magical Christmas spirit. From the moment the Rockefeller Christmas tree is set ablaze the city swirls with a dreamy energy whisked by brisk winter winds whipping down long deep canyons of steel and stone. It spins bodies on ice…
Brian Hoffsis
December 21, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

Shortcut Home

The through-way North is a slow creep. So sluggish that only after a few dusk trips did I begin scanning my flanks for hidden alternatives. You see, this particular route is already my preferred alternative to freeway travel which had recently become unbearable during those typical congested hours.  However, the tirciary options seemed non-existent.…
Brian Hoffsis
October 30, 2012
PhotographyTravel Journal

Where Serenity Lives

Sweeping across the fluttering fields of corn silk, a firm yet caressing breeze rolls over the tiny hill. Even the slightest change in elevation in the flat north-central Ohio Valley terrain seems monumental. On a stifling day of mid-90 degree heat that late afternoon breeze cools lightly perspired brows until comfortable, or…
Brian Hoffsis
July 26, 2012