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Southern Most Pier

By April 2, 2010April 3rd, 2018Travel Journal

I made Amanda reluctantly pose for this photo at the end of the pier in the area where everything is referred to as the “Southern Most” in Key West, Florida. I’ll bet technically this is more southern most than the actual “Southern Most” marker at the end of the island. I’m not really sure I get the desire to find and label the southern most places in the continental United States. The Southern Most Hotel, Southern Most House, Southern Most Beach, Southern Most Restaurant etc. I mean it’s not even the southern most point in the United States, only the continental United States. The entire state of Hawaii remains more southern than Key West. And I’ll venture to bet they don’t make any claims at being the southern most state or southern most anything else. Well here we have the “Southern Most” woman in the continental United States as you can plainly see from this photo. She should be holding a sign that reads 89.9 miles to Cuba but I already have her working well beyond her will.

As for the photo, I wanted Amanda to stand with her back to the sun so that I could get the back lit clouds and the nice shimmers off of the water. While that succeeded, she came out completely in shadow. I processed this photo in 3 pieces, the sky, water and Amanda and the pier. That way I could get the best of all three elements.

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