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Siesta Proper

By August 27, 2011April 3rd, 2018Travel Journal
There’s nothing to dislike about naps. A retreat from the heat and sun and the luxury to stretch-out with a mild breeze when lucky, is rejuvenating. Unfortunately, doing anything but napping during siesta-designated times in Mérida, is a near impossibility. If hungry and really damn thirsty, as we found ourselves this mid-afternoon, there are few refuges in which to take comfort. The lack of foresight to plan a day’s activities and provide the basics of life’s necessities with siesta in mind can be, in the least, a pesky inconvenience. Luckily for us a good Samaritan took mercy on us and prematurely opened his kitchen. We took our dessert Superiors on the rooftop terrace back at Mexilio, and relished in the almost eerie silence of a typically chaotic Mérida deep in siesta. The panorama is mesmerizing. My Maya travel narrative: The Travel Companion from the Realm of the Maya

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