Prepping the Deck

By October 8, 2011 April 8th, 2018 Photography, Travel Journal

Upon evaluating my impressions of my first cruise one question came to me even before my first complimentary umbrella drink. These are huge ships. And they cruise around the tropical waters of the Caribbean. The first destination for patrons is the pool deck. It’s like a default setting. You check in, check out the cabin and say “let’s hit the pool!” By hour two of the cruise deck chairs are the most valuable currency on the ship and there’s an hour queue for the next available two foot square opening of pool water. On day one, one of my first thoughts was why is the pool deck so small? Especially, when just below there’s a three story indoor shopping mall occupied only by those needing to traverse it to reach the elevators to the pool deck. I’m sure there are all sorts of technically advanced engineering answers that I may never understand. But the question seems reasonable to me.

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