The Ohio State University Main Library reopened last week after years of major renovation. Of course this third major renovation largely corrected baffling decisions made in previous renovations. It’s funny how things work that way.

For example, the photo below is the beautifully restored Grand Reference Hall/East Reading Room. In 1966 they realized that the library wasn’t quite big enough still and, because we know everyone was on reason-inhibiting drugs in ’66, they constructed a hasty partition that divided this lovely space into two floors (I know, empty, wasted space overhead really pisses me off too). They then essentially bricked up the windows in accordance with the new interior design and, for good measure, defaced the plaster-work just to prove that all the work was actually pre-meditated. The restoration work was beautifully done and we’re all happy to see the original room, many of us, for the first time.

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