I know that Ohio’s Presidents are the butt of every side-burns clad political historian’s jokes and I felt a little guilty after I joined in and so disrespected 3 of my fine state’s contributions to the Executive branch in an earlier post (CAMP CHASE). But this is the greatest country on earth and I’m reminded of a clever bumper sticker I saw that read something like “A bad day fishing is better than the best day of work.” Therefore, even our worst Presidents are better than anything any other country produces, right? And after all, Ohio can lay claim to 8 Presidents, thus far, being second only to Virginia. Now that is no small feat for a state that bore Jeffrey Dahmer and Chief Wahoo.

Furthermore, I contest that the legacy of a US President is a reflection on the American people and not only the people of his resident state. All this means is that no other state was able to produce an individual superior in ability (or at least electability) than our men. Since the number of Presidents a state produces, of course, determines it’s worth then Ohio is the undisputed second best, no matter what anyone thinks of her son’s.

So I’ve decided to honor some more of those sons that can claim greatness (and some pretty cool hats) and not necessarily as Commander in Chief. This statue, titled “These are My Jewels,” on Ohio’s State House lawn honors 6 of just such men and I think you’ll agree with me that they are truly Ohio “Jewels.” Now maybe Ohio will start talking to me again.

William “Uncle Billy” Tecumseh Sherman – Legitimately crazy and famed for his “scorched earth” military policy

Phillip Sheridan – Union General who did some great war things I recall. Our side did win after all.

Edwin M. Stanton – Lincoln’s Secretary of War who hailed from Steubenville as did other great Dean Martin

Salmon P. Chase – Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury and loser of the 1860 presidential election (had he won that would have made 9 Presidents)

James A. Garfield – Ok so he was one of the Presidents I dishonored

and U. S. Grant – Who remarkably wasn’t one of the 3 mediocre Presidents I named but who, more than anyone else, was responsible for winning the war. So that makes up for all his idle drunkeness in the White House and more.

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