Ok, so I had to post it no matter how cliché. In October of 2008 we were in Peru and, of course, Machu Picchu. The place is ridiculous when it comes to photography – for professionals and amateurs alike. From all vantages it’s a 360 degree postcard quality setting. The views from these particular farming terraces are probably our most familiar vision of Maccu Picchu – and for good reason. We way lucked out on the weather, especially for the rainy season, and I had bright and sunny skies to shoot under. This photo is actually a stitching of 3 individual photos. I shot larger panoramics but I’ve found that full 360 degree photos are nearly impossible for the brain to process. To me 3 or 4 images creates the most effective spectrum. I managed to sneak in my table tripod even though tripods and walking sticks are prohibited (my walking stick was MUCH missed). Should I feel guilty for possibly damaging the 500+ year old Incan stone? Maybe, but I can’t imagine the rubber feet on my 10 inch tripod could leave any larger a footprint than, well, my actual footprint.

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