For thirty years the world had no idea that hidden under The Greenbrier resort in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia was a bunker that would to be the seat of government for the United States Congress in the case of a crisis, specifically nuclear war. However, just as interesting, for thirty years visitors to The Greenbrier unknowingly, freely walked in and out of this bunker and even used it for holding conferences and other business events. The ingenious designers of the bunker realized that they could use the space to their advantage, when not being used by Congress, with some clever planning. Luckily, Congress never occupied the space.

This entrance to the bunker was one such used space and was accessed from the West Virginia wing which is the conference center of the resort. The eighteen foot thick vault doors that could seal the bunker space were simply opened and placed in specially designed wall niches. False walls were then placed over the vault doors and the ruse was complete. In the photo here, the fire doors have been added as the space is now occupied by a new tenant for the use of high security data storage. The vault door is clearly on display and private tours of the bunker are given on a daily basis.

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