This is kind of an amendment to my on going Top Ski Destinations posts. We were just in Utah and skied The Canyons for the first time. The mountains have the best and worst characteristics of any resort I’ve skied. The place is huge (I hear it’s the second biggest in the US outside Big Sky/Moonlight Basin) and the terrain is spectacularly varied. But the size leads to its downfall. It took us a good hour to start skiing from the time we got on the first lift which incidentally was a people mover just to transport passengers from the parking lots and bus stop to the resort. There are also issues with smoothly routing skiers. There seemed to be more dead ends than most resorts making confusing lift riding necessary in order to navigate the mountains. Not to mention that there is only one way to ski back to the base. The results are slopes that felt much more crowded than much smaller mountains.

But we had plenty of quality skiing. The below photo is of a mountain area called The Colony resembling the Deer Valley community on roids. The trails twist and turn with roads and obscenely overgrown private residences in a quite graceful dance. Skiers shoot through tunnels, race under steep road overpasses and cross bridges with rustic wood log railings. It really creates a spectacular setting and a very very different skiing experience from the standard downhill mountain kind.

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