Yeah, Cleveland has some pretty cool stuff! I snapped this one after the Buckeye game against Toledo and a great afternoon and evening of college football. For one day this season Clevelanders got to see a good game at home and leave Cleveland Stadium with a sense of self-satisfaction. Ok, so that’s kinda low but pretty true.

Anyhow, Cleveland is a great town and The Arcade is proof. I had left my tripod in the valleted car and was pleasantly surprised that these three-exposure HDRs turned out as good as they did. I had to set the camera on the railing and hold my breath – and in the low light of night that is a real feet! Our room was the second door on the left on the third floor. This evening there was a lively wedding reception and the hotel actually asked us if noise would be a problem for us. Luckily, we like a good party.

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