This photo was taken from North Bank Park in Columbus, Ohio. I have a ton of these skyline photos because my office is just across the street. This spring afternoon saw storms blow through and the sky completely changed every 30 seconds. Downtown Columbus has had a long history of struggle ever since the suburb exodus of the 1950s. They only made it worse in the 1960s when they turned 1/3 of the historic south end of downtown into surface parking lots. Evidently the city felt that revitalization meant bulldozing the old.

It’s actually not an unattractive capital city and the skyline makes for good photos since the one architectural achievement, the art deco LeVeque Tower (center), still dominates. Luckily, pathetic efforts at uniqueness like the replica Santa Maria, of the city’s namesake fame, are blocked here by the 150 year old railroad bridge. I guess the connection between a landlocked Midwest American city historically populated by Germans and Christopher Columbus is pretty obvious, right?

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