“There are no geographical features present on the flat limestone shelf of the Yucatán. Just as a diverse landscape of drastically varying topography is interesting to the eye, a panorama of nothing can be just as awe-inspiring. The Yucatán is an ocean of vegetation that can really make one feel truly small.

When Age of Discovery explorers stood on Spain’s shores and took those first leaps into the watery unknown only to arrive on new shores of unbroken jungle as daunting as the ocean they just crossed, would it have been exhilarating or discouraging? In relation to the rest of the New World’s east coastline, the Yucatán remains largely unchanged since before the European arrival and may offer a clue as to the answer of my posed question. I absolutely share little mettle with those hardened pioneering explorers and warriors, though five hundred years later the peninsula continues to intimidate, even from the protection of a modern airliner.”

My Maya travel narrative: The Travel Companion from the Realm of the Maya

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