Is it possible for one person’s art to also be someone else’s? This question has haunted artists and photographers for eternity. And so distressing for those who wish to indulge in art and attempt to capture and re-share it’s profound personal affect on them that committing to the process often feels like self-serving sacrilege. To the artist, the now highest level of success in such projects would mark failure in all others – to simply not insult the subject. Doing the subject justice would indicate mastery that all artists strive for. Many would simply opt to not approach the subject for fear of failure.

The beauty is that any art, including the art being studied, is subjectively evaluated. I pretend not to be creating art to any level that risks the potential of insult, however, and feel not the slightest bit of uneasiness and apprehension with this collection taken on a rainy day in The Met. I’ll leave that burden to the true artist.

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