There’s no better way to travel in blisteringMerida. Even in December, when the steamy jungle is at its most mild, temperatures still swelter to what I call 90/90: ninety degrees and ninety percent humidity. Traversing only a couple of blocks can be troublesome. This horse-drawn carriage offers a cushy ride, much-needed shade and joy produced from close proximity of bright white and yellow silk flowers. It’s the lap of luxury in an unforgiving Mexican environment. Of course, on Domingo, even carriages have no special privileges and closed streets and congested squares make any travel difficult.

I felt left behind as Amanda was a block away and anxiously looking for me. I really loved this carriage and the textures of the cathedral behind it on the left. I waited and waited, obviously in vain, for the crowds and traffic to disperse so that I could have a perfect, unobstructed shot. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

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