“This is what <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiram_Bingham_III” target=”_blank”>Hiram Bingham </a>called ‘the most beautiful wall,'” our personal <a href=”http://llamapath.com/” target=”_blank”>Llama Path </a>tour guide, Ramiro, proudly tells us on our second day in Machu Picchu. Many might say, “So what? It’s a friggin wall!” Using only stone hand tools in a process still not understood the ancient Incans carved these stone blocks to perfectly fit using no mortar. As we can see in the photo the stones weren’t mass produced and shipped in but were carved on site and tailored to fit every neighboring stone like a chunky jigsaw puzzle. The particular stone that Ramiro is touching has 8 sides and is so precisely carved that a piece of paper wouldn’t penetrate the cracks.

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