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Pizzas Hamburguesas

By August 26, 2009April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

Pizzas? In the remote mountains of Cusco? And I thought the Irish travelled well. Actually, they do. It’s the Irish people that somehow manage to penetrate every crack of the globe and then rapidly take over like the resilient grass you find growing in the slightest fissure of big city asphalt. Of course I mean “take over” in the kindest of sense. It’s the Irish, historically speaking, that proudly assimilate into local cultures better than any other.

However, the true leaders in worldwide culinary influence (maybe aside from the Mexicans) are the Italians. In just about every nook and cranny of earth you can find a decent bowl of angel hair or margherita pizza. When you least expect it, on some far flung adventure, you’ll find yourself throwing down a slice at some point. The thing I love is that, unlike other high circulation foods like Chinese, it doesn’t take a Neapolitan to toss a good dough. Czechs and Cusceno’s alike can produce a quality pie. However, I think the jury’s still out on this four-wheeling tin oven. I chose to pass by without indulging.

Possibly it’s the German influence in this photo that I’ve naively overlooked. And likely my German immigrant dominated demographic and blood have clouded my perception but this travelling kitchen clearly sells Hamburg style steak. And quite attentive, as if ordering up a fresh steamy patty, is a curious purple Volkswagen Beetle. Chalk up another one for expert German infiltration, not only in gastronomy but also in “fine German engineering.”

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