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Nike Anew

By July 24, 2011April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

No, this is not the Louvre. Not even close. It’s not Paris, France nor Paris, Ohio nor even Athens, Ohio. It’s Columbus, Ohio. So why on earth is there a life-size replica of the 2nd century BC Greek Winged Nike (or Vicotry) of Samothrace in a New World state that pronounces Versailles – Ver-sales? Well, evidently around the turn of the 20th century classic statuary replicas were all the rage in American architecture. And that’s when this lovely plaster beauty first graced this very hall – the East Reading Room of the Oxley Thompson Memorial Library at The Ohio State University. The crumbling original replica was removed in 1959 and the Reading Room was tragically divided and plundered shortly there after. When rightfully restored to it’s natural splendor in 2009 a new plaster Nike was there to oversee the studious once again. Though she has little personal significance to the library the soaring statue is a wonderful addition to an already wonderful building.

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