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Mobile Munchies

By April 27, 2012April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

Big fat corn, the biggest kernels I’ve ever seen, roast on open-air grills and are more fun to munch on than movie popcorn; Servings of chicharron or what we would call fried pork rinds are distributed from narrow shops, often only the width of a doorway; Adobo, a marinated chicken dish, makes messy on-the-go grub – and beef and cumin stuffed empanadas, often with egg, are available on just about every street corner just as they are all over Latin America. Even wheel barrows of fresh produce like pineapples are sliced and served, sometimes in the middle of the street. The wheelbarrow makes a mobile stand able to serve just about anyone and anywhere, even from moving vehicles.

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