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Mérida Nights

By February 14, 2013April 8th, 2018Travel Journal

Above the canopy is where I like to be when traveling. Mind you, not say 100 stories above the next tallest structure, but just a head above the rest. There’s no locale that better gives a lay of the terrain yet keeps you immersed in the happenings below. I still want to inhale the aromas, take-in the song and see facial expressions of neighbors as they do their daily bidding. The experience at night is usually a whole different atmosphere from the day as well. Mérida at night, from the rooftop of my palatial hotel, glowed through the jungle vegetation. A lone yellow cat, probably alert in wait for mousy prey, rests on the wooden bridge to my room. And above my bed there is a private terrace with two round tables sheltered by two green umbrellas where I woke with the radiant morning Mexican sun and confessed to my daily journal.


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