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By November 27, 2012April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

Only a few years earlier the dusty and combat-hardened General entered the hotel lobby for the first time. Since so many before him had been removed of their duty the new Commander of all Union Armies went entirely unrecognized to the multitudes of distinguished guests of the Willard Hotel. It was here that the men who churned the war machine and conducted the day-to-day operations of a fractured nation frantically met and congregated.

Maybe it was this invisibility that frequently lured the General back to this very spot. Now donning the title President and only five years more the wise, possibly no man had ever risen to prominence so far and so fast. Instead of leaping into the whirl of combat as he did on his ascent, Ulysses S. Grant was now looking to flee it.

But Grant’s secret garden would soon be as short-lived as his remarkable success. Before long those interested in requesting attendance with the President and jilted by his ever growing absence discovered his private safe-haven. Once again the lobby of the Willard Hotel swarmed with the unfortunate vultures of Democracy. Forever to be know as Lobbyists Grant was unable to conquer one of the greatest foes of his Presidency.

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