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Katrina Bears Down

By August 16, 2009April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

I saw this picture cycling through on my computer’s sleep mode and it brought back some kinda chilling memories. I snapped this photo from a beach-front bar at Ft Myers, Florida. According to the photo stamp it was taken at 6:54 pm on August 25, 2005. Interestingly this is looking north along the beach as the hurricane  barreled through. It would gain strength over the warm waters of the Gulf where it would incubate for 3 more days before it slammed into New Orleans on the 29th. We simply sat and watched as it beautifully swirled passed in the not-so-far-distance. Sipping on our rum drinks, feet buried in the sand I now feel a little like a voyeur as we admired its shapes and power.


We wouldn’t get a drop of rain for another two days when one of the long counter clockwise swirling arms blind-sided us and disrupted volleyball games outside Doc’s Beach House on this Bonita Springs beach. The more I look at the hurricane’s path the more I realized that we were almost exactly in the way. How did we come away so unscathed?


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