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Horses Got it Pretty Good

By August 18, 2009April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

In Columbus’ Brewery District there are a number of old brewery buildings in various stages of decay and restoration that attest to the ever fading memory of the old German Village’s mouth watering relationship with beer. Some are simple brick utility buildings while others display a degree of flair and pride in their architecture. It’s pretty obvious that beer in Columbus used to be a luxury not taken lightly.

Of all those left standing there is one building at the very heart of the district that stands as its crown jewel. The Worly Building is elegant and somewhat misplaced with its colorful brick, arched windows and round corner towers that poignantly stake its territory. Even though there is very little historical information on the Brewery District I have managed to pair the remaining buildings with ownership and general purpose. And to my surprise the chic Worly Building was home to the Hoster Brewery’s horses.

I love horses. And I don’t doubt their invaluable importance to the distribution of Hoster’s “famous” malt to all the thirsty watering holes throughout the city and to the overall success of the company. But why would Louis Hoster bed down his 4 legged employees in the palace of the district essentially crowning them the face of his brewery? The concept isn’t new to us. I mean who doesn’t love the Budweiser Clydesdales. They’re way better spokesmen than the annoying croaking frogs or the sarcastic spin-off lizards. And I suppose their dependable disposition and graceful style are as good a metaphor for quality beer than anything King Gambrinus has to offer. In the beer business one thing seems to be clear: Horses rule.

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