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Herald Angels

By December 6, 2011April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

They sing and they trumpet too. But their message isn’t only glory to the new born king. It’s also to introduce the wildly popular and magical dancing light show dressing the massive facade of Sach’s Fifth Avenue. Prime viewing real estate is at a premium on a brisk December night but there are no bad seats for this show. Little is more fitting that the biggest attraction in New York at Christmastime, second only to the adjacent Rockefeller Center ice rink and tree, is a ballooning department store display. The twinkle-eyed gawkers are quite justified however in their loitering. Sach’s has managed to steal hoards of heads away from the inspiring yet rather static 65 foot Rockefeller Center Christmas spruce with its thoughtful and well-executed theater of music and simple white lights creating the perfect bookend for the Channel Gardens and Promenade and one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world. Of course this is America and the heart of America’s greatest city so it’s expected that there be a gratuitous private commercial representative to the holiday message. Intuitively crafted and expertly balanced.

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