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Greenbrier Theater

By November 29, 2010April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

It’s really too bad that historic American resort hotels all have an air of mystery that separates them from the modern world. I’m not sure if they have always felt so hollow or if The Shining single handedly burned the haunting image into our brains forever. In reality they are beautiful andĀ opulentĀ in their luxury and most often teaming with distinguished guests, celebrities and diplomats. However, when all are gone and the large rooms are quiet, usually at night, the silence can be chilling. After a lively evening of live jazz with Ellis Marsalis, the Greenbrier theater in West Virginia is a pretty lonely place. With its glowing recessed ceiling, red velvety carpet and smooth leather chairs I couldn’t help but return late at night to snap a few shots. And what would be more appropriate than a wide-angle, deep-focus view as a bit of a tribute to Kubrick.

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