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Distant Frigid Memories

By June 5, 2011April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

On these 90 degree days it’s amazing how distant snow covered ground feels and to think back on how familiar and expected it was at the time. I’d walk outside and not even notice the snow. Of course there should be snow on the ground! I’m actually amazed at how much those of us who live in the more drastic seasonal swing areas endure. I mean seriously. I honestly believe that I have a whole physical and, even more-so, mental skill-set that those living in, say, southern California or Florida can’t even fathom. So maybe they have to deal with fires, earthquakes, alligators and Tom Cruise but they don’t even own coats. The moment they begin buying peacoats for purposes other than being a James Dean look-a-like then I’ll reconsider my judgement.

Anyway, this shot was taken in bitter January looking east across the oval from The Ohio State University’s William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library. I have a lot of memories of nearly all of the halls that ring the oval. I often quiz myself by naming each and their respective colleges. While the vast majority campus barely resembles the one I navigated in the late 1990s these structures have remain nearly unchanged for almost a century.

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