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Curious Roof Comb

By February 1, 2010April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

Finally, I’m getting around to posting about our spectacular and thorough tour of the Yucatan. Ten days, a no-name Chevy and no roads left unexplored! This photo is of El Mirador at the ancient Maya city of Labná. Labná is one of the Puuc cities and is really pretty remote down a barely paved one and a half lane road. We were the only ones here when we arrived in late afternoon. While roof combs are common toppers of Maya temples this one is one-of-a-kind. John Lloyd Stephens, the pioneering rediscoverer of Maya cities, called it the “most curious and extraordinary structure” he’d encountered. Maya temples were covered in decroative stucco reliefs and it’s always a thrill when you find structures where the delicate stucco remains. It really became one of my favorite activities while exploring all these lost cities. Shockingly, El Mirador has some stucco remaining on its roof comb even though it has been fully exposed to the elements for at least half a millenia.


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