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Camp Chase

2,260 Confederate Soldiers are buried here.  Richmond? Fredricksburg?  Would you believe Columbus, Ohio?  But wait.  There was no fighting in Columbus, Ohio.  What were 2,000 Rebels doing way up there?  Actually, 9,400 were held in this Civil War prisoner camp by 1865.  It was named for former Ohio Governor and Senator, Lincoln's…
Brian Hoffsis
March 6, 2009
PhotographyTravel Journal


Ok, so I had to post it no matter how cliché.  In October of 2008 we were in Peru and, of course, Machu Picchu.   The place is ridiculous when it comes to photography - for professionals and amateurs alike.  From all vantages it's a 360 degree postcard quality setting.  The views from these…
Brian Hoffsis
January 21, 2009

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