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Campus in Constant Flux

By June 21, 2012April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

The Ohio State University has to keep the ball rolling. In the name of ambitious progression the 5th largest city in Ohio (when class is in session) creates a steamroller of downhill momentum when set into motion. A perpetual state of renovation, building, rebuilding and expansion means that the physical campus never looks the same on any two consecutive weeks.

I stumbled on this photo that I took in January of 2011. And while an overall view would appear relatively unchanged at first glance a side-by-side would tell a different story a year and a half later. Off the top of my head I know that Cunz Hall has since completed it’s total makeover. Though obscured, I too know that there is a brand new road that wouldn’t have been present in this photo. John H. Herrick Drive travels east and west just south of Lincoln Tower Park that’s at the very center of the photo. This park I fear too is not long for this world. Surly the developers are circling that vacant space as we speak. I hear that this summer Ohio Stadium has undergone some upgrades including a brand spankin new scoreboard crowning South Stands. Probably the biggest change would be the new large chiller building that is absent west of the group of buildings to the south. Don’t blink folks, those tuition increases are truly being put to visible improvements.

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