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Camp Chase

By March 6, 2009April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

2,260 Confederate Soldiers are buried here.  Richmond? Fredricksburg?  Would you believe Columbus, Ohio?  But wait.  There was no fighting in Columbus, Ohio.  What were 2,000 Rebels doing way up there?  Actually, 9,400 were held in this Civil War prisoner camp by 1865.  It was named for former Ohio Governor and Senator, Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury and face of the $10,000 bill (Don’t believe me?  Just look in your pocket.) Salmon P. Chase.  Even more interesting, 3 of Ohio’s spectacularly mediocre Presidents served within its walls – Hayes, Garfield and McKinley.  But don’t look for the street signs or parade of tour groups to guide you to the cemetery (all that remains of the original operation that stretched for many city blocks).  It’s hidden behind 6 foot walls in a less than impressive west Columbus residential neighborhood called the Hilltop.  Only a Ohio Historical Marker marks its entrance.



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  • Kathy says:

    Brian, Thanks for visiting Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus. It’s a jewel in our midst, and I’m glad you had a chance to see it and write about it. I live in the Hilltop, a “neighborhood” of 67,000 people, enough to make it the 11th largest city in Ohio, if it were a city of its own. My immediate neighborhood, Wilshire Heights, is directly across the street from the Camp Chase cemetery. Wilshire Heights is modest – not flashy or trying to impress – but we think it shows an interesting architectural style of Tudor revival-style and English Cottage style homes popular in the 1930s. Did you see the town house apartments across the street with the slate roofs? I think they are architecturally pleasing if you’re looking that way — that would be South — the direction the Confederate soldier on the monument is facing.
    For those traveling to see Camp Chase cemetery, here are some tips:
    Park at the Hilltop branch of the library at 511 S. Hague Avenue. It’s a short walk to the cemetery, and you can stop in to get some local history information from the friendly library staff.
    Dari Twist to the immediate east of the cemetery is a neighborhood snack favorite. United Dairy Farmers at the corner of Hague and Sullivant also has good ice cream — and bathrooms.
    Still hungry? Massey’s Pizza to the west at Binns and Sullivant (traffic light) keeps getting named for having the best pizza in Columbus.
    Or, go a bit further west, by car, to some great Asian grocers and Mexican food on Sullivant Avenue.
    The Hilltop may not impress at first glance, but it will surprise you if you look a bit deeper.
    Thanks for visiting our neighborhood.

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