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Bryant Park Skate

By December 29, 2010April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

It was my last day in New York and my only real free time. I was out the door of the Fitzpatrick by 7AM and didn’t need to check out until 11. By 9 my fingers were numb and the backs of my hands were starting to tingle. Luckily inspired by the slowly rising sun, I forged ahead, passing a cornucopia of cafes, bakeries and other inviting warming huts including the pseudo-famous Brasserie Les Halles which I stumbled on by complete chance. The sun takes an excruciatingly long time to emerge above the forest of steel, masonry and glass in New York and inversely the days are shorter as its low peak horizon may never clear the tallest buildings.

At modest and prized clearings like Bryant Park, reflex stretching of the neck and deep breaths are in order. And finally the tops of buildings and even micro skylines can once and for all be seen and appreciated. The ice rink was already vibrating with suffocated New Yorkers who come to unfold themselves from their daily sardine tin environments. On the loud speakers Sinatra, Deano, Bublé and other Christmas crooners provided the only appropriate New York soundtrack to the whole spectacle – one that screamed the holiday season with the most bold of New York accents.

This photo is an 3 exposure HDR panoramic with a total of 9 exposures. I particularly love the scope of this single photo (albeit a wide panoramic). Some of the greatest landmarks in New York and conversely some of the greatest symbols in the history of urbanization are represented. Front and center is the New York Public Library, from left to right, the GE Building at Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building spire peaking over closer buildings, the black Bryant Park Hotel and the Empire State Building.

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