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Bridge to a Room

By February 8, 2010April 3rd, 2018Travel Journal

The hotel Casa Mexilio is a great way to experience the colonial opulence of Mérida. In the past, I’ve always viewed accommodation as a cheap means of sleeping in a great location. The better the location the higher the price and, therefore, the least amount of charm. Well in the Yucatán it was quite different. Maybe as I mature I’m able to afford a little more than I used to. That combined with relatively inexpensive sleeping options affords me the ability make hotels just as integral a cog in the Mexico experience. Casa Mexilio is a restored mansion likely built on the riches of sisal production. I suspect that these beautiful properties aren’t rare with this city’s wealthy past but they do boast to have hosted the Mexican President in the 1930s and important reform talks for the Yucatán. So maybe it is a bit of a special place.

This 3 exposure HDR is of a second floor wooden bridge that crosses the beautiful gardens and swimming pool. On the other side is our room with its glowing light, wrought iron balcony and full roof-top terrace. I’ve apparently graduated from bug infested European hostels.


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