Today’s post has nothing to do with travel – in fact is has to do with home. It’s also a blatantly selfish gloat-fest where I flaunt to the world how awesome I am. I even contemplated starting a new blog series titled “Beautiful Things Created by Me.” Unfortunately, I quickly realized little Lydia would be the only subject of the series. So under the thin guise of deep photographic philosophy and technique I’m secretly stroking my already inflated ego as I work her in as the subject of as many posts as I can manage over the coming years.

Actually, shooting babies (with cameras that is) is a lot of fun! There’s surely some obviously tired, syrupy analogy in there that photographing them requires a similar skill set to caring for them. It takes persistence, lots of attention, a delicate touch and above all patience. In these early weeks, I’m discovering that it takes somewhere around 35 shots to get one that really grips me (27 in this case is just above par). And it’s often difficult to even identify that one shot after sifting through four or five dozen that have only the most subtle of differences. I have to admit that I have a lingering feeling of guilt that I’m a terrible father who has created an unsafe home environment for a newborn, as I have my tripod permanently set-up with legs fully extended by the crib so I’m sure to be ready when she decides to wake and absorb the marvelous workings of a ceiling fan or the flicker of reflected light through the Venetian blinds. It’s helpful to remember that it’s those little, seemingly insignificant, details that can inspire the most personality in a photograph.


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