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Aliens? Seriously, People!

By August 24, 2009April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

“This is what Hiram Bingham called ‘the most beautiful wall,'” our personal Llama Path tour guide, Ramiro, proudly tells us on our second day in Machu Picchu. Many might say, “So what? It’s a friggin wall!” Using only stone hand tools in a process still not understood the ancient Incans carved these stone blocks to perfectly fit using no mortar. As we can see in the photo the stones weren’t mass produced and shipped in but were carved on site and tailored to fit every neighboring stone like a chunky jigsaw puzzle. The particular stone that Ramiro is touching has 8 sides and is so precisely carved that a piece of paper wouldn’t penetrate the cracks.

With that being said, I think we all can appreciate the mind blowing craftsmanship and technical ingenuity of theses ancient peoples. And since Pizarro and his ilk nearly hunted and bred the Incans out of existence there’s no one left to provide us inferiors with the knowledge they possessed.

Evidently, however, there is quite a large contingent out there that find these facts wholly unacceptable. Since we don’t know how these structures were made and since we can’t reproduce them without the aid of modern machinery then they must have been created by aliens, extra terrestrials, gods or whatever entity is popular at the moment. I’m not sure if the speculation is an insult or a compliment. Maybe it’s just simply comical. We assume that we are superior to all who have come before us and when we discover evidence that would suggest otherwise we choose to suspend all logic and lean on fantasy for explanations.

I’ll admit, the arguments are pretty interesting (or at least fun) when presented to fruition – aircraft runways in Nasca, spacemen hieroglyphs, apparent machine drilled building stones weighing tens of tons and quarried hundreds of miles away. But it’s a discussion that should never happen to begin with. The moment we tell ourselves that the Incan’s couldn’t have possibly built Machu Picchu we then conclude that little green men from Mars would be the only ones capable. Remarkably, many climb on board even though every bit of real evidence clearly points to the Incan civilization as the true constructors.

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