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59th Meets Lex

By August 28, 2011April 8th, 2018Photography, Travel Journal

Upper Midtown Manhattan is a cradle of the modern. But it’s always been a trend setting location for bold architecture at least as far back as the Lever House in 1952. I’ve often been confused when wondering east of 5th as it doesn’t look like the vision of New York I’ve etched into my brain and come to expect. As Midtown segues into the Upper East Side the skyline shrinks into the former residential neighborhoods for New York’s elite. Here we see that transition. Although tall apartment buildings continue to stretch north along 3rd.

As for a note about this photo – it’s the wonderfully surprising result of a totally unintentional process. I had been taking loads of photos from all over, even in different rooms. Mostly snapping off 3 hand-held exposures from each for potential HDR processing at 10mm to get as much in frame as possible and simply bracing the camera against the glass. Never did I anticipate a massive photomerge would be the final solution. It’s actually a testament to the abilities of Photoshop and if I were there to do it all over again I’d probably try to continue it as far as possible – possibly even 360 degrees. Well I can’t imagine how long that would take not only to shoot but to process. This one took a small eternity. This image is comprised of 11 HDRs (with only the most minimal tone mapping – it’s hardly even an HDR) with a total of 33 images. One of the most delightful aspects to me is that you’ll notice the photo completely swings from the north side of the building to the west, seamlessly, with no structural breaks.

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